Vantage® IP Overview

Vantage® IP

The self-spacing linear system solution

Style and simplicity

This innovative secret-fix interlocking plank CWCT tested rainscreen system gives visually stunning results using panels of up to 4000mm x 600mm depending on which material is chosen from the comprehensive range on offer to our clients. The system is self-spacing across both horizontal and vertical joints to give panel gaps from 2mm to 20mm without the need to site measure - and the standardised component and detail range means that this modular solution perfectly projects the right image for your design concept. The system can be used in either portrait or landscape orientation, allowing Architects a number of design possibilities.

Attention to detail

Designed and developed using state-of-the-art 3d engineering software, Vantage® IP embodies BTS Fabrications’ truly obsessive focus on the finer points of Rainscreen design. The team can also produce 3d renditions of the finished project proposal for discussion with Specifiers to ensure that every aspect, every fold and every line of every panel accurately reflects the Architects vision to perfection.

Striking aesthetic effects can be achieved with the use of an optional colour strip on the face of the system’s vertical support brackets to match or contrast the panel finish with a choice of colours or material finishes.

And if you want something a little out of the ordinary, we can help you to realise the vision.

Vision in metal

Vantage® IP brings a crisp, clean linear aspect to your project design. Particularly suited to long length applications, the system can be supplied in panel lengths of up to 4 metres, minimising joints and presenting a visually flat aspect to the project façade.

From a minimum material thickness of 0.70mm to a maximum of 2.0mm, with loading calculations available as standard, Vantage® IP brings quality and performance to even the most demanding building envelope concept.

Expertise in metal finishes

The BTS Fabrications design team leave nothing to chance, ensuring that panel solutions using noble metals like copper are properly protected to eradicate the issues that can arise from mixing various metal types in the building envelope. Barrier plates are incorporated into system designs and primary fixings are isolated where appropriate to make sure that your concept retains its image and performance for the life of the system.

Downloadable Data

Vantage® IP Technical Brochure