Vantage® Rainscreen Systems

Four System Choices – a world of design possibilities

If ever a product range epitomised the commitment, the flair, the whole ethos of a company, then the Vantage® suite of CWCT tested engineered rainscreen solutions is that range.

Painstakingly crafted throughout a demanding development programme, Vantage® has been scrutinised in minute detail by the BTS design team, time and again, until they were satisfied that it met their exacting standards.

No matter how complex the construction concept, there is a Vantage® system which can accommodate your vision. A comprehensive range of material and finish options means that there is a Vantage® system to meet most budget levels.


And because our core values are skill and craftsmanship in metal fabrication, your project will benefit from a Vantage® quality finish whichever system you choose.

Each of the four Vantage® systems offers crisp, clean lines.
Each one offers sharp, precise detail.
Vantage® SF , DF and IP are CWCT tested systems.
Each embodies the attention to detail which has become synonymous with BTS Fabrications.
Each can bring your design vision to life.

Together, they offer a world of possibilities.

Vantage EP Extruded plank BTS fabrications