A Day In The Life Of Vantage® EM

When you walk past a piece of beautifully framed mesh, on the side of a building or illuminated in a car park, do you wonder how it got there?

Well wonder no more! Here’s a day in the life of one of our new products, the framed Vantage® EMF product in collaboration with The Expanded Metal Company.

6 am The Expanded Metal Company opens its doors to a new day.

The Soenen machine, a 12-year old work horse at the firm’s 129-year-old factory is where our journey begins. It has been meticulously configured by the nightshift and loaded with raw material to begin the day’s production.
The operators finely tune and calibrate the machine to ensure a consistent run, where every sheet is produced within very fine tolerances.

The mesh, starting life as a coil of aluminium – is fed through the machine to be cut precisely, stretched and trimmed to size.

10:30 am By the time the team take their first break of the day, 125 sheets of architectural mesh have been slit and stretched through the Soenen. Every sheet is inspected, marked and carefully stacked at the side of the machine.
Cuts are made in the metal with a bespoke tool – made on site by EMCo’s skilled toolmakers – which can be created to precise specifications and patterns. When the cuts are made, the metal is stretched to create the desired aesthetic – meaning metal isn’t punched or wasted.
12:30 pm Quality, finish and aesthetics are important, the team inspect every sheet and handle them carefully to ensure the length, width and cut are consistent and that there are no surface scratches.
It’s time for the team to head to lunch while the mesh makes its way to us here in Newton Aycliffe.

1 pm We already know the customer, we know the measurements and we know the project, so we put our skills into action to design and cut the rails for the system to be affixed to.

Our framed mesh system was created to offer an alternative or complementary, easy to install solution to your typical hook-on facades. Using our existing Vantage SF hook-on rail system, we give customers the ability to add mesh easily or change out the system whenever desired.

3 pm The mesh has arrived and now we get to work on what makes our range so unique – the frame.

By working with EMCo, we are prepared and have already created the metal blanks, ready to bend into shape for the mesh frames.

Our automated bending machine enables us to quickly and accurately create the frames for each bespoke piece of mesh.

CAD operated, the machine works to set dimensions, quickly and easily creating a surround for the mesh panels – the setting to the diamond if you will!

3 30 pm  – You heard that right! Within just half an hour, our automated panel bender can have frame components at the ready for the large mesh panels that our fabrication team will construct. Our team welds, dresses and rivets together the components that become our final Vantage EMF panel.

5 pm At the end of the day, the mesh is framed and ready for Polyester powder coating. Once the panels are coated all items are ready and the whole package for installation is shipped off to clients.

The product, which can be created in a variety of finishes and colours, can be used for a variety of functions and fixed by our specialist contractors to anywhere you would find typical rainscreen as well as to shroud fire escapes, mezzanines and balconies.

Stay tuned for a day in the life of our EMSA ! Our site assembled product can easily be installed by on site teams to car parks, open structures and other slab to slab applications.

If you’d like to add framed architectural mesh to your building or project, get in touch today on 01388 816883.