Barnet and Southgate College, Collingdale Campus, London

This project truly tested BTS Fabrications’ design, manufacturing and logistics systems. The Building features cladding anodised in three colours, Natural, UA11 Stone-Grey, UA 150 Die-Blue and had to be supplied by floor from top to bottom.

To do this BTS Fabrications’ design team used Solid Works to model the whole façade ensuring that when the panels, capping and window pods went to site they were able to be installed with minimum problems.

The model also allowed for the systematic delivery of panels to be sent to the Anodisers by colour and then delivered to site per floor when required. The use of BTS’ bespoke data base and ISO 9001 quality management systems procedures were vital to this being a success.

The building features BTS’ CWCT tested Vantage® SF secret fix rainscreen system, bespoke window pods and our Vantage® CS coping system. Project Manager Mike Morris who visited the completed building added “ After being involved from the start of the project it was great to see the project looking spectacular in it’s three different anodised finishes. Knowing all of the work involved in getting the panels made, anodised, delivered to site as and when required made the visit to see the final result very satisfying. Well done to everyone involved.”

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