BTS Facades & Fabrications – Car Park

The Vantage EMF project was pioneered over a year ago in the boardroom of our partner, The Expanded Metal Company in nearby Hartlepool. Managing Director, Phil Astley discussed the principle and BTS Facades & Fabrications put it into practice. We both deemed the idea as that unique that we engaged an intellectual property firm who achieved the patent pending status
The system utilises the tried and tested Vantage SF technology. The frame is fabricated and the expanded mesh is cut to size on our Streibig Saw. The mesh showcased here is the Athens although, it also available in Bilbao and Madrid.
Vantage® EMF systems were tested earlier this year at the VINCI Technology Centre UK. The mesh is fitted to the frame and then powder coated both sides.
The bespoke vantage SF rail with pre positioned hooks and anti rattle gasket is fitted to the wall and then the Vantage EMF panels are hooked into place
Our Vantage CS coping competes the scene here to stunning visual effect.  We inserted LED lights in the perimeter of the frames to automatically light up at dusk to compound the effect.
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