Vantage® CS Coping System

The Ultimate Clip-On Coping system

Decorative, structurally strong and, most importantly watertight, This Vantage-Clip-On Coping system is available in a comprehensive range of materials and finishes to compliment or contrast with the overall building aesthetics.

No fixings pierce the capping top which removes the risk of leakage from defected installed screws; specially designed grooves on the robust extruded alloy bracket secures the rubber gasket that ensures a snug watertight antidrum fit.

This system is quick and easy to install with the advantage of being able to fit from the roof, reducing access costs. A suite of ancillary items, including stop ends, corner pieces, T-sections, weatherproofed support brackets, junctions and up stands complete the system. The design team can also work with you to produce bespoke feature components to bring real individuality to your project.


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