Vantage® DF Discreet Fix Rainscreen System

The completely integrated envelope solution, Vantage® DF Discreet Fix is CWCT tested and provides precision detailing, design flexibility and allows fast installation at a cost effective price. Available in a vast array of materials and colours this rainscreen system offers high quality, design choice unbeatable value.

Cost-effective envelope quality

Vantage® DF CWCT tested rainscreen system delivers the speed, precision installation and cost-effectiveness of a fully modular system, yet also has the flexibility to accommodate bespoke design detail.

The system is particularly effective for vertical applications, but is also adaptable for use in horizontal orientations. If you’d like to explore this option with us, just let us know – the BTS Vantage® design Team will be happy to help with your concept.

Comprehensive Choice of materials and finishes

The Vantage® DF gives designers a vast choice of materials to choose from to achieve the perfect finish, including:

Aluminium in Powder Coated, PVDF, Anodised and ACM (Aluminium Composite Material).

Zinc in VM, Quartz, Anthra, Rheinzink, Blue Grey and Graphite.

Coated Steel, Stainless Steel in a range of surface finishes, and Copper.

Design scope and flexibility

The system offers a wide selection of panel sizes, offering designers the opportunity to experiment with panel variation and orientation, producing stunning façade, soffit and fascia combinations without breaking the budget.

For the perfect finishing touch, specifiers can select from the comprehensive choice of Vantage® DF standard details. If you have something more challenging in mind, the team can offer assistance and advice on materials and interfaces every step of the way.

The Completely Integrated Envelope Solution

Based on a precision-engineered BTS Vantage® carrier rail system, Vantage® DF can give in-built precision fastener alignment, using pre-punched holes to ensure perfect spacing of the discreet, colour matched connections.

A standardised 20mm all-round joint gap ensures an eye-catching, quality finish and places the designer firmly in control of the final visual effect.

The system is fully drained and ventilated and BTS Fabrications’ renowned attention to manufacturing detail means that every panel, every connection, every support rail and every hands-free bracket is millimetre perfect for your project.

Tested and Proven Performance

Vantage® DF can be specified with complete confidence.

The Vantage® team can supply advice on fastener frequency and loading calculations based on a wide range of variables, such as panel size, material selection and loading requirements.

Bespoke junction and interface details can be specifically engineered by the BTS Vantage® Design Team to ensure that Vantage® DF System works seamlessly with other systems and materials as part of your complete vision.

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