Premier Inn, Rochester, Kent

Painstaking care and attention to detail were required to produce eye-catching curved column casings for the latest addition to Whitbread’s expansion of their nationwide hotel chain. A mix of the BTS production team’s innovation and the flexibility of the company’s state-of-the-art production equipment resulted in smooth, flowing tight-radius curves with a precision finish.
The service provided by the BTS team on this project led Balsham Buildings’ Director Martin Harris, to comment:
“This was a long and difficult contract for Balsham and it was important that we chose the right suppliers. BTS proved themselves first time out on this job and I know that the usual industry suppliers would not have competed with the level of service we received. Being Main Contractor, D&B requirements came thick and fast and BTS delivered to the crazy time scales we’d agreed to. “Fabrication quality and particularly coating guarantees are excellent and the company ethos and attitude would put many to shame”.