Vantage® EMSA Site Assembled Expanded Mesh System

Vantage® EMSA is our site assembled expanded mesh system incorporating BTS' bespoke brackets and support grid.
A wide range commercial applications including spanning slab to slab up to 3.1m

Vantage® EMSA site assembled expanded mesh system is a non-framed product and has a wide range commercial applications such as car parks and open structures spanning slab to slab up to 3.1m.

A Continuous Visual Effect

Our Vantage® EMSA site assembled mesh system allows mesh sheets to be installed to onto a building or structure and includes a concealed an unobtrusive subgrid giving the expanded mesh a continuous visual effect.

Tested In Accordance With The CWCT

The system utilises Nvelope’s NVF2F bracket and rail system and BTS Facades and Fabrications bespoke brackets. The Vantage® EMSA system has been tested in March 2019 at the VINCI Technology Centre UK. Independent test rigs were configured for the Madrid, Athens and Bilbao mesh patterns. Tests were carried out to determine the wind and impact resistance and were conducted in accordance with the CWCT standard test methods for building envelopes, for, Wind resistance and Impact resistance.

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