Vantage® EMF Framed Expanded Mesh System

Our Vantage EMF Framed expanded mesh system incorporates BTS Facades and Fabrications unique frame encapsulating the edges of expanded mesh sheets.
Stunning visual effects in a variety of architectural facades applications

The framing gives the mesh a stunning visual effect and can be used in a variety of vertical architectural facades applications. The system utilises existing technology from our Vantage® SF rainscreen system and allows the expanded mesh to be secret fixed.

Unique Lifetime Design Flexibility

A choice of three expanded meshes, Athens, Madrid and Bilbao, in a vast variety of powder coated finishes can incorporated into a Vantage® EMF building, to match the changing face of the owner’s business. Even the orientation of the original panels can be changed – offering complete aesthetic versatility and keeping your design fresh and contemporary from concept to completion.

Engineering Excellence in Design

Unparalleled attention to detail within Vantage® EMF delivers a rainscreen capable of being fully adjusted to accommodate building tolerances, ensuring a millimetre-perfect installation every time. The standard 20mm joint detail brings crisp, clean, uncluttered lines to the building facade, though alternative joint sizes can be incorporated to help realise your specific building vision. Matching or contrasting colour inserts add the perfect finishing touch and the sheer choice of materials and finishes offers a comprehensive palette for the discerning designer.

The Vantage® EMF system has been tested in March 2019 at the VINCI Technology Centre UK. Independent test rigs were configured for the Madrid, Athens and Bilbao mesh patterns. Tests were carried out to determine the wind and impact resistance and were conducted in accordance with the CWCT standard test methods for building envelopes, for, Wind resistance and Impact resistance.

Precise, Practical, Perfect

BTS Fabrications brings the full weight of its metal forming and construction industry expertise together into Vantage® EMF. The bespoke carrier rail and secret-fix brackets combine perfect joint and panel alignment.

Turning the Vision into Reality

The BTS Vantage® design team can offer authoritative advice and assistance to ensure a perfect interface and match with other facade elements such as windows, doors etc, helping you to achieve and deliver your concept exactly as visualised.

The choice of panels in portrait or landscape orientation along with multiple variations of mesh directions gives the facade designer many options to create their vision. The mesh frames can also incorporate strip or LED light to give the facade a stunning look during the night and day.

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