Precision Manufacturing of premium quality facade and fabrication products

Detailed, quality manufacturing by one of the best fabrication facilities in the UK. With a highly experienced and dedicated team, BTS offer an excellent service with a proven record for over 10 years.

Offering a complete BIM service, tailor-made to your requirements

BTS Facades and Fabrications is a well-established premier supplier of metal CWCT tested rainscreen systems and fabricated metal construction products. Our team has been carefully selected to bring together the best in production experience, commercial acumen and technical support, giving our customers the best possible service.

The BTS team brings together expertise from a wide range of disciplines to offer you the best possible solution to your fabrication requirements in terms of service, speed, quality, design and technical support.

Vantage® SF Secret Fix Rainscreen System

The unique Vantage® SF CWCT tested rainscreen system allows individual panel de-mountability and re-mountability, without the need to remove any of the adjacent panels, allowing the building façade to be changed or updated at any time during its service life.

A world of design possibilities

New corporate colours or designs can easily be incorporated into a Vantage® SF building, to match the changing face of the owner’s business. Even the orientation of the original panels can be changed, offering complete aesthetic versatility and keeping your design fresh and contemporary from concept to completion.

Vantage® DF Discreet Fix Rainscreen System

Vantage® DF CWCT tested rainscreen system delivers the speed, precision installation and cost-effectiveness of a fully modular system, yet also has the flexibility to accommodate bespoke design detail. The system is particularly effective for vertical applications, but is also adaptable for use in horizontal orientations.

Completely integrated, envelope solution

The system offers a wide selection of panel sizes, offering designers the opportunity to experiment with panel variation and orientation, producing stunning façade, soffit and fascia combinations without breaking the budget.

Vantage® IP Interlocking Plank System

This innovative secret-fix interlocking plank CWCT tested rainscreen system gives visually stunning results. The system is self-spacing across both horizontal and vertical joints to give panel gaps from 2mm to 20mm without the need to site measure - and the standardised component and detail range means that this modular solution perfectly projects the right image for your design concept. The system can be used in either portrait or landscape orientation, allowing architects a number of design possibilities.

Crisp, clean lines, sharp, precise detail

Designed and developed using state-of-the-art 3d engineering software, Vantage® IP embodies BTS Facades and Fabrications’ truly obsessive focus on the finer points of rainscreen design. The team can also produce 3d renditions of the finished project proposal for discussion with specifiers to ensure that every aspect, every fold and every line of every panel accurately reflects the architects vision to perfection.

Latest Case Studies
The Gates, Durham

The Gates, Durham

Local projects are always a great pleasure to be part of for BTS. We were delighted to be asked to manufacture the perforated Vantage® DF discreet fix panels for the stairwell in the student accommodation block at 'The Gates' development in Durham city centre.
Bioscience Building, Nottingham

Bioscience Building, Nottingham

This is a stunning looking project in the center of Nottingham and features Approx. 1200m² BTS Fabrications’ CWCT tested Vantage SF Rainscreen Anodised in Anolok 541, along with Vantage IP soffits and wall panels.
Barnet and Southgate College, Collingdale Campus, London

Barnet and Southgate College, Collingdale Campus, London

The Building features cladding anodised in three colours, Natural, UA11 Stone-Grey, UA 150 Die-Blue and had to be supplied by floor from top to bottom.
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